Only the finest...

All of our jewels are crafted using precious metal alloys and ethically sourced natural and lab created gemstones.

We do not use any base metals, gold/silver plated metals (including vermeil) or gold/silver filled metals in our pieces.

Metals we use

Where possible, recycled metals are used throughout production. This ensures that the need for newly mined metals are kept at a minimum and scrap metal is refined and re-used so that nothing goes to waste.


9k gold (hallmarked .375 or 9k) and 14k gold (hallmarked .585 or 14k) in both yellow and rose gold.


Traditional sterling silver (hallmarked .925) or Argentium silver (hallmarked .935)


Some of our silver pieces will be made using a special anti-tarnish alloy or have a coating of rhodium to prevent tarnishing.


We use a range of carefully selected natural and lab created gemstones in our designs. Affordability is always considered, and we endeavour to only use natural gemstones that are ethically sourced and traceable in origin, or lab created gemstones.

Lab Grown Gems


100% identical in chemical and physical composition, but created in a lab. Lab grown diamonds are a more ethical, sustainable and affordable alternative to natural mined diamonds. (Learn more)


Moissanites are a real and naturally occurring gemstone, however they are extremely rare and predominantly found in meteorites. Therefore, moissanites used in jewellery applications are grown in a lab - they are 100% identical in chemical composition.

They are more brilliant than diamonds and nearly as hard, making them an increasingly popular alternative to traditional diamonds.


CZ Crystals are a synthetic gemstone, solely grown in a lab. They are a very economic alternative to natural gemstones and come in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes.

We love using CZ Crystals for their affordability, durability and versatility. They are suitable for any design, any setting and are easy to clean and maintain.

Natural Gems


Our national gemstone, the Australian Opal is loved for its iridescent qualities. A softer gem that requires care, but its natural beauty is inimitable.


A classic 'gem', the freshwater pearl is not actually a stone, but a product of mussels.

We love freshwater pearls for their milky radiant lustre. Preferring to use 'imperfect' and organic shaped pearls for their natural beauty, over traditionally perfect round pearls.


We love this ethereal translucent gemstone for its subtle floating blue sheen.

The moonstone gets its name from the unique way light shimmers through the stone - known as adularescence, which is reminiscent of the moon.