“If I never do this, I’ll always sit and wonder…”

In that golden moment, SIT & WONDER was born.

Founded by Sydney based designer Emily Ko, SIT & WONDER was created to meet the need for premium, yet accessible fine jewellery, in a market saturated by two extremes: fast-fashion and unattainable luxury. With each collection, Emily endeavours to bridge this divide, providing other jewellery lovers with classic dainty pieces, at attainable price points.

Responsible Sourcing

All of our jewels are responsibly sourced - manufactured in house or by our trusted partners who are certified members of the Responsible Jewellery Council ("RJC").

Sustainable Practices

We are committed to the journey of continually improving our sustainability practices across manufacturing, packaging and business operations.

Some of our initiatives include: Carbon neutral shipping, 100% recyclable packaging made from FSC® certified materials and the use of recycled metals throughout production.

Design Philosophy

Modern, versatile and timeless... The three pillars that guide our design process.

Our jewels are inherently dainty and designed to be styled together.
Our intention is that each SIT & WONDER piece you add to your collection,
can be worn and layered with your existing pieces.

In partnership with i=Change

We donate $1 for every sale

to a cause that impacts our community.